Your purchase of a guided tour supports our rainforest reforestation project.
A percentage of every tour goes towards the acquisition of new trees to expand our forest!

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It was in the year 2000 when Joanne Bogarin (known as Giovanny), a local guide with more than 30 years of experience, started a volunteering to recover a farmland back to nature. This would ensure refuge and food for the wildlife around La Fortuna, for urbanization was, and still is, taking a heavy toll on the animal’s habitat. Now this land, once used for cattle, is the last secondary forest in the downtown area of La Fortuna.

Our trails are inclusive, truly. Power wheelchairs, pushchairs and strollers can use 100% of the park, and our guides are prepared to give blind people an amazing experience.

Many animals have made Bogarin Trail their home. From iguanas and agile basilisks to colorful birds including toucans. From deadly-toxic dart frogs and extravagant leaf frogs to and agoutis, coatis and tamaduas.

But perhaps the most representative animal in our trails is the Sloth. We have counted more than 30 individuals of both species, two-toed and three-toed. To guarantee the best environment for the Sloths and all other creatures inhabiting the park, no animal has been introduced into the park and handling is not allowed. No animal is enclosed, all wildlife can roam freely and undisturbed.

We encourage you to support with your visit this beautiful little project, a home and a sanctuary to countless animals, a place owned and run by locals who love nature.

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